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Rhetorical Review closing down [:-(] (Read 2334 times)

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Rhetorical Review closing down [:-(]
30.03.2011 at 14:03:14
Bad news: Rhetorical Review (one of the really few really good review journals available onj the internet and of relevance to those interested in renaissance intellectual history) is closing down: I received this via email:

With this mail I am announcing the closing down of Rhetorical Review. It has been a great adventure, but an adventure that has taken a lot of unpaid time and work. Now we need to use that time and work on other endeavors.

I would like to thank the contributors to the journal; the publishers and authors who have sent us review copies of books; and the readers of Rhetorical Review and of our newsletters. Thanks also to the Nordic colleagues: Stefan Ekman (Sweden), Sari Kivistö (Finland), Gert Skriver (Denmark), and especially Tina Skouen (Norway), for their support at the start-up of the journal. And so many thanks to Associate Editors Mike Edwards (UK), Sara Newman (USA), and Kathleen Vandenberg (USA), for all of your work and for your encouragement: it’s been great collaborating with you!

Rhetorical Review, The Electronic Review of Books on the History of Rhetoric, vol. 1-8 (2003-2010) will remain available, for the time being, at <http://www.nnrh.dk/RR/index.html >.

Thanks much to all of our readers, contributors, and collaborators for the interest you have shown in Rhetorical Review !

Best wishes,
Dr. Pernille Harsting, Copenhagen, Denmark (General Editor & Publisher)
Academic homepage: http://www.nnrh.dk/NNRH-hp/ph.html

Rhetorical Review, The Electronic Review of Books on the History of Rhetoric
Vol. 1-8 (2003-2010)
URL: http://www.nnrh.dk/RR/index.html
ISSN: 1901-2640
Email: RR@nnrh.dk
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