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New York 2011-04-29: Political Ecologies (Read 2318 times)

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New York 2011-04-29: Political Ecologies
28.04.2011 at 09:42:13
Received via the FICINO email distribution list:
Of potential interest to listserv members in the New York area. See attached schedule.

FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2011

“Commons and Collectivities: Renaissance Political Ecologies”
Columbia University
523 Butler Library
All welcome

Speakers: Crystal Bartolovich (Syracuse), Drew Daniel (Johns Hopkins),
Jonathan Gil Harris (George Washington), Bryan Lowrance (Columbia),
Steve Mentz (St. John’s), Henry S. Turner (Rutgers)

Online library exhibit: “Political Ecologies in the Renaissance,” curated by Cym Ramirez and
Ashley Streeter:


Organized by Bryan Lowrance and Emily Shortslef

In recent years, early modernists have shown an increased interest in politics and the political, from Cambridge School-inspired investigations of the history of political thought to more theoretical engagements with political theology, bio-politics, and the various rhizomatic strands of posthumanism. At the same time, early modern studies has been infused by an intensive and extensive concern with matters ecological and environmental, with a surge of scholarly work investigating how the literary and cultural production of early modern England can be read as representing and intervening in pressing problems of human/environment interaction and relation. This conference seeks to gather together work from both of these disciplinary vectors, and to provide a forum for individual investigations as well as a mutual conversation about some of the broader political, theoretical, and methodological motives of the present political and ecological turns.

The "exhibit" at https://ldpd.lamp.columbia.edu/omeka/exhibits/show/political_ecologies features 16th and 17th century items (with the main barycenter on the second half of the 17th century):
Astrology »

A Briefe and most easie Introduction to the Astrologicall Judgement of the Starres (1598) and A Prognostication for Ever, Made by Erra Pater (1694)
Astronomy »

Astronomiae Instauratae Progymnasmata (1610) and Mysterium Cosmographicum (1621)
Magnetism »

Nova demonstratio inmobilitatis terrae petita ex virtute magnetica (1645)
Navigation »

Mr Blundeville his Exercises (1636) and The Mariners Magazine (1679)
Military Science »

Opera Nuova di Fortificare, Offendere, et Difendere (1564)
Mining »

De re metallica (1621) and Mundus Subterraneus (1665)
Hydraulics and Hydrostatics »

Elevation des eaux par toute sorte de machines (1685)

As the topic of the event is "Renaissance Political Ecologies": I'll point to this posting here from the "Periodisations, borders"-thread over in the section dedicated to "Miscellaneous" stuff.
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