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Des Chene on the language of Lever's witcraft (Read 1765 times)

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Des Chene on the language of Lever's witcraft
07.11.2011 at 11:05:09
At http://tlonuqbar.typepad.com/phfn/2011/11/rightly-termed-witcraft.html you can read Dennis Des Chene on the language of Ralph Lever's The arte of reason, rightly termed, witcraft teaching a perfect way to argue and dispute (1573), i.a.:
This is said to be, after Thomas Wilson’s Rule of reason (1552), the second logic book written in the vernacular. And boy is it…

To give you a taste, here is an excerpt from the chapter which in our English would be entitled “Of the subjects and predicates that are in a simple proposition”. The “storehouses” are the categories of Aristotle; a “naysay” is a negation.


GGRENir: Thesaurus: item: SE00003
Philosophy of language and its applications viz. Dialectics in the broad sense
(Artes sermocinales sive Dialectica in sensu largo)
((Sprach- und Argumentationswissenschaften bzw. Dialektik i.w.S.))
GGRENir: Thesaurus: item: SE00005
GGRENir: Thesaurus: item: SE00004
about language and languages
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