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Charles Schmitt Prize 2012 (Read 2180 times)

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Charles Schmitt Prize 2012
25.11.2011 at 14:06:38
I'm a bit late in posting this here. Some of you will know about my computer troubles encountered this week. Whether you do or you don't: please accept my apologies!
Charles Schmitt Prize 2012 : i.a.:
As the result of generous donations from an anonymous donor and our publisher (Routledge), the International Society for Intellectual History is offering, on an annual basis, a prize to honour the contribution of the late Charles Schmitt to intellectual history.

The prize is £250, plus £50 worth of Routledge books, and a year’s free membership of the ISIH with a subscription to the Society’s quarterly journal Intellectual History Review. The paper awarded the prize will also be published in the Intellectual History Review.

Submissions will be accepted in any area of intellectual history, broadly construed, 1500 to the present, including the historiography of intellectual history.

The closing date for the prize is 31 December 2011, and an announcement of the award will be made in early 2011.
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