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07.06.2023 at 04:28:15
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Cagliari 2012-06: Renaissance Platonism (Read 3412 times)

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Cagliari 2012-06: Renaissance Platonism
20.12.2011 at 13:57:00
No, I myself, I have not changed my views on this, I still do not believe in the existence of "Renaissance Platonism", but I have received this CFP via the FICINO email distribution list:

With this message I would like to invite members of this list to submit proposals on Renaissance Platonism for a panel at the ISNS (International Society for Neoplatonic Studies) tenth Conference, which will be held in Cagliari (Italy) from 20 to 23 June 2012.

The panel, which I will chair together with Dr. Guido Giglioni (The Warburg Institute), will explore the influence of Platonism and Neoplatonism in fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Europe and the role played by Renaissance Platonism in the history of Platonic thought. Possible areas of focus may include: the relationship between Platonism and Christianity – as evidenced in the writings of many Renaissance thinkers such as Nicholas of Cusa, Pico della Mirandola, Marsilio Ficino and Leo Haebreus –; the role of  Ficino’s translations of and commentaries on Plato, Plotinus and other Platonic philosophers; the influence of Renaissance interpretations of Neoplatonism on later thought as well as contributions on key early-modern Platonists.

For more information about the ISNS see : http://www.isns.us/

If interested, please send your abstracts (1 page maximum) to both Guido (guido.giglioni@sas.ac.uk) and myself (annacorriasl@gmail.com) before 24 February 2012.

Anna Corrias

Anna Corrias
PhD student
The Warburg Institute
Woburn Square

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