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Centre for the Study of Renaissance Texts (Read 2045 times)
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Centre for the Study of Renaissance Texts
14.05.2012 at 20:37:06
[Google translation of the page:]
   Centre for Work with Renaissance texts
registration number CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0026
Project description:
With reference to the historical significance of Olomouc as a unique center of humanistic studies and Renaissance culture in the Czech lands in the 15th century in the first decade of the 21st century to the consolidated UP Olomouc scientific team focused on the study of Renaissance philosophy. The research group that focused around the prof. Mgr. Pavel Floss is established in the Department of Philosophy Department as Palacky University to study history, philosophy, Middle Ages and Renaissance (from 1998-2000).
This group became part of the team of the Centre for Patristic, Medieval and Renaissance Texts in 2000-2004 in the framework of national research centers (researcher prof. Lenka Karfíková) and in the period 2005-2011, the same research plan for the CMTF UP Olomouc (investigator prof. Pavel Floss). In those years there was a personnel expansion of the research team and its stabilization.
After completion of the project research plan, thanks to a project working with the Center for Renaissance texts dealing with the Renaissance group exploration, which has so far acted as a team within the wider scholarly groups, independent company. The aim of this independence is to increase the exclusivity of the research team (which will now be able to act independently) in the CR and its competitiveness in the European and global scale. The team also continues to work closely with other scholarly groups from the completed research project.
Currently, the project involved members of these departments Palacky University: Department of Philosophy, Department of Classical Philology, Department of Romance (italianistiky), Department of Germanic.
What are the objectives, the project aims?
The aim of the project "Centre for Work with Renaissance texts" is 1 increase the excellence of the research team focused on the study of Renaissance texts in Olomouc and 2 planting renaissance of research in Olomouc in international research networks.
More specifically, it will be
    maintaining the research groups involved in the study of Renaissance texts in Olomouc and its professional development,
    completion of the research team of young researchers through the establishment of ignition positions,
    and consolidation of the Center for the Study of Renaissance texts on the UP in Olomouc as a unique center of Renaissance studies in the Republic to the European and global relevance because of significant involvement of foreign experts.
In addition to creating its own scientific output of the project team will
    lectures on the issue of Renaissance Studies for the research team members and for university students
    workshops for members of the research team
    domestic professional organization of scientific conferences and international scientific conferences
    create the first Latin-Czech electronic dictionary, which significantly improve the quality of future work with Latin (Renaissance only) lyrics
The expert will also output
    professional publications, monographs character
    studies in domestic and foreign professional journals
Following the participation of individual members of the team in organized activities also arise
    new lecture and seminar series for students of UP bachelor's and master's degree in philosophy, classical philology and Romance
A significant outcome of the project will also
    raise awareness among university students and the general public about the cultural significance of the region of Central Moravia in the period of humanism and the Renaissance and present a unique center of Renaissance Studies
The participation of foreign experts
A prerequisite for the development team's two engagement of foreign experts (Prof. Paul Richard and Dr. Elisabeth Blum) the position of scientific activities of managers, who co-organizes each team activities, through seminars and individual consultations also train team members engaged in international contacts and oversee the performance of professional duties.
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