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Victoria 2013-06: Machiavelli's "Prince" 1513-2013 (Read 3082 times)

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Victoria 2013-06: Machiavelli's "Prince" 1513-2013
25.10.2012 at 09:15:28
Received via FICINO:

Call for Papers

“Machiavelli’s Prince on its Five Hundredth Anniversary, 1513-2013”

Machiavelli’s Prince is one of the most iconic and influential works of the Italian Renaissance. Already in the immediate wake of its manuscript dissemination (1513) and then of its first print edition (1532), the “little work On Princedoms” (as Machiavelli called it in his letter to Vettori) attracted immense attention, both favourable and unfavourable – and has continued to do so to this day. The treatise has served as a vade mecum for rulers and as a vade retro for moralists and idealists, not to mention as obligatory reading in many university courses in history, political science, Italian studies, and more. On the occasion of the work’s 500th anniversary, we seek to devote one or more special sessions to Machiavelli’s Prince at the annual meetings of the Canadian Society for Italian Studies (which will take place on 1-3 June 2013 at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, within the Annual Congress of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences).

Proposals for a 20-minute paper on any aspect of the Prince and/or its reception through the centuries are warmly invited. Papers may be delivered in English, French, or Italian.

Please send your proposal containing a title, a summary (100 words maximum), contact information (address, telephone, email) and one-page curriculum vitae by email attachment in Word to both conference organizers:
Professor Konrad Eisenbichler at konrad.eisenbichler@utoronto.ca
Professor Sandra Parmegiani at sparmegi@uoguelph.ca

Deadline: Friday, 23 November 2012.

Participants at the sessions will be required to be paid-up members for 2013 of the Canadian Society for Italian Studies and also pay the two conference registration fees (CSIS registration and CFHSS registration).

For further information on the Canadian Society for Italian Studies, visit its web page at http://canadiansocietyforitalianstudies.camp7.org/
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