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Francesco Patrizi: Philosopher of the Renaissance (Read 2808 times)
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Francesco Patrizi: Philosopher of the Renaissance
03.07.2013 at 06:00:54
Call for Papers
Francesco Patrizi: Philosopher of the Renaissance
The Center for Renaissance Texts http://www.renesancni-texty.upol.cz/ at Palacký University Olomouc (Czech Republic) will hold an international conference on the philosophy of Francesco Patrizi (Petriš, Petrić; 1529-1597).
Date: 24-26 April 2014
Submission of paper proposals on Patrizi’s thought, sources, and afterlife are welcome.
PhD students are encouraged to submit an abstract: successful submissions will be offered a travel grant of Euro 460.
Please submit abstracts to Prof. Tomáš Nejeschleba (tomas.nejes@gmail.com) by December 1, 2013.
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