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Lee Piepho died 2013-12-18 (Read 2251 times)

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Lee Piepho died 2013-12-18
07.01.2014 at 10:35:24
I learned only today, that Lee Piepho, a kind man and a great scholar died 2013-12-18. (The Sweet Briar obiit at http://www.sbc.edu/news/english/lee-piepho-longtime-english-professor-dies/ is unreachable for me right now; if you should experience similar problems: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:aeTl7LnjrqsJ:sbc.edu/news/e nglish/lee-piepho-longtime-english-professor-dies/&hl=de&gl=de&strip=1 might work as a surrogate.)
I met Lee Piepho in the context of the 2001 Munich Germania latina - Latinitas teutonica conference (where he delivered a paper on German Literary Humanism in Elizabethan England : The Case of Edmund Spenser and I will remain grateful for his actions and interactions there and later. Earth feels a poorer place without him.
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