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Copenhaver: articles (Read 1518 times)

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Copenhaver: articles
17.09.2014 at 08:31:27
Brian P. Copenhaver:  
Research & Publications: Articles Completed

Jewish Theologies of Space (4.69 MB)
Scholastic Philosophy & Magic (4.9 MB)
Astrology & Magic (5.63 MB)
Hermes & Proclus (5.9MB)
Natural Magic (7 MB)
Tale of Two Fishes (3.39 MB)
Did Science Have a Renaissance? (4.01 MB)
Hermes Theologus (4.33 MB)
Lorenzo & Hermes (5.17 MB)
Occultist Tradition (7.1 MB)
Number, Shape & Meaning in Pico's Cabala (8.45 MB)
Philosophy in the Renaissance (7.57 MB)
The Slums of Cosmopolis ( 4.32 MB)
A Show of Hands (4.89 MB)
D.P. Walker ( 738 K)
The Secret of Pico's Oration (3.89 MB)
Magic & the Dignity of Man (4.02 MB)
Chi scrisse l'Orazio di Pico? (354 K)
Chi scrisse l'Orazio di Pico? (English) (329 K)
Magic (307 K)
Magic & Neoplatonic Philosophy (2.9 MB)
Powers (1.31 MB)
Poverty of Erudition (2.92 MB)
Iamblichus, Synesius, Chaldaean Oracles (2.06 MB )
Secret Names of God (4.69 MB )

I.a. I very much reccomend to read Chi scrisse l'Orazio di Pico?.

Seen thanks to Tony Christie on Twitter (https://twitter.com/rmathematicus/status/512120783372845056 ).
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