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Blum on Giovanni Pico (2014-11-15) (Read 2083 times)

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Blum on Giovanni Pico (2014-11-15)
23.12.2014 at 09:19:38
Paul Richard Blum:
Giovanni Pico della Mirandola  (1463-1494) and Renaissance Philosophy
(2015-11-15 ; "Presented at Istituto Italiano di Cultura, New York, 11 November 2014")

Let me start with a quotation about philosophy:
“Philosophy is man's knowledge of himself. … Man, if he acquires a true knowledge of himself, viz. of his own spirituality and corporeality, comprises the knowledge of everything ....”[2]
If I had let you guess the author, you certainly would have come up with Pico or some other Renaissance thinker. For it makes philosophizing a feature of humanity that expands on everything there is. However, it is from Isaac Israeli in the early Middle Ages.
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