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Charles H. Lohr died 2015-06-21 (Read 1588 times)

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Charles H. Lohr died 2015-06-21
30.07.2015 at 10:18:18
Only yesterday I learned (thanks to Richard Blum on G+) that Charles H. Lohr died 2015-06-21.  
Lohr was one of the really great ones. His reasoned catalogues concerning mediaeval and especially renaissance Latin Aristotle commentaries (and of the secondary literature on these texts) are IMO the second most useful books for anybody studying renaissance philosophy, surpassed only by Kristeller's Iter.  
Anybody interested in Lullus will (or at least should) have read at least some of Lohr's texts on him. And many of his other publications - beyond the catalogues already mentioned - will remain of relevance to anybody studying the reception of the corpus aristotelicum in the renaissance.
I first met him ages ago in Freiburg, at a conference where he was to speak, and where it was not quite certain whether he would arrive in time, as he still was on a biking tour. (He did arrive in time.)
It was said that (removing his classes) he could read microfilms without needing any magnifying equipment.
He was a fine person.
A list of Lohr's works can be found at https://www.theol.uni-freiburg.de/institute/ist/qut/lohr/index_html?set_language =en
Obituaries are at
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