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Winiarczyk: Sigla Latina (Read 5915 times)

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Winiarczyk: Sigla Latina
06.06.2016 at 08:41:11
Marek Winiarczyk:
Sigla Latina in Libris Impressis Occurrentia

Caveat lector: This is an OCR-scan of the book Sigla Latina in Libris Impressis Occurrentia by Marek Winiarczyk. Any typographical errors should be considered the result of the scanning process and are within the responsibility of the CAMENA editorial staff. We are publishing this text by kind permission of Prof. Winiarczyk.

This contains no Greek part (cf. Sigla latina in libris impressis occurrentia cum siglorum graecorum appendice, Wratislaviae 1995).

Seen thanks to https://twitter.com/FrueheNeuzeit/status/739539204552687616 .
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