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07.06.2023 at 04:48:17
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Vernacular Aristotelianism in Renaissance Italy (Read 2968 times)

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Vernacular Aristotelianism in Renaissance Italy
03.02.2017 at 12:23:07
Received via the FICINO email distribution list:
Dear colleagues, I wanted to bring to your attention two recent publications, tied to a past AHRC research project shared between Warwick and the Warburg Institute:

-last month the database Vernacular Aristotelianism in Renaissance Italy, c. 1400–c. 1650 was released on a new, more user-friendly platform, thanks to the work of Dr Bryan Brazeau.
The new URL is as follows: vari.warwick.ac.uk We invite you to visit the new site and get back to us with any comments and suggestions.

-fresh off the press is Vernacular Aristotelianism in Italy from the Fourteenth to the Seventeenth Century, ed. by Luca Bianchi, Simon Gilson and Jill Kraye (London: The Warburg Institute, 2016; Warburg Institute Colloquia 29), ISBN 978-1-908590-52-7.

Table of Contents:
Luca Bianchi, Simon Gilson and Jill Kraye, ‘Introduction'
Fiammetta Papi, ‘Giles of Rome’s De regimine principum and the Vernacular Translations: The Reception of the Aristotelian Tradition and the Problem of Courtesy’
Luca Bianchi, ‘Uses of Latin Sources in Renaissance Vernacularizations of Aristotle: The Cases of Galeazzo Florimonte, Francesco Venier and Francesco Pona’
Letizia Panizza, ‘Alessandro Piccolomini’s Mission: Philosophy for Men and Women in Their Mother Tongue’
Marco Sgarbi, ‘Francesco Robortello on Popularizing Knowledge’
Eugenio Refini, ‘Aristotelian Commentaries and the Dialogue Form in Cinquecento Italy’
Grace Allen, ‘Aristotle’s Politics in the Dialogi della morale filosofia of Antonio Brucioli’
Eva Del Soldato, ‘“The Best Works of Aristotle”: Antonio Brucioli as a Translator of Natural Philosophy’
Ivano Dal Prete, ‘Vernacular Meteorology and the Antiquity of the Earth in Medieval and Renaissance Italy’
Simon Gilson, ‘Vernacularizing Meteorology: Benedetto Varchi’s Comento sopra il primo libro delle Meteore d’Aristotile’
Corinna Onelli, ‘Bartolomeo Beverini (1629-1686) e una versione inedita della Metafisica di Aristotele’


Dr David Lines
Italian Studies
Director of Research, School of Modern Languages and Cultures
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL
United Kingdom

ERC Starting Grant ‘Aristotle in the Italian Vernacular: Rethinking Renaissance and Early-Modern Intellectual History (ca. 1400-c. 1650)’: see https://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/arts/modernlanguages/research/italian/projects/ar istotle/
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