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Author: Heinrich C. Kuhn (
Date created: 2002-10-08
Last Update: 2002-10-08

Some notes

I authored quite a number of documents while employed with Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (zur Förderung der Wissenschaften, e.V.) . ( These documents were located up to January 2002 at and then (thanks to MPG/GV and GWDG) transferred to an archiving directory of our server. As, however this caused some irritation at Max-Planck-Gesellschaft/Generalverwaltung due to fears that information in the archiving directory might be mistaken for actual and official information by Max-Planck-Gesellschaft/Generalverwaltung, and as I wanted and want to avoid frictions with my former employer, many of these documents were deleted from our server on 2002-10-08.)

What is still acessible consists mainly of various internetographies and some sugestions on how to use the internet. Most of this material very much out of date and is made available here just to document what existed and was of potential interest in the past. No updates were made.

For both reasons (the 2002-10-08 deletions and the non-updates of the remaining documents) many of the links in the documents that remain accessible will result "broken".

In case you should be interested to see what they are doing in my former organisational unit there: you might try to use this link here. or, if that one should not work you might try this one.) BTW: Please note: the basic language used in the documents linked to here is German.

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