CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

The art market in Italy (15th-17th centuries)

Source of Information: FICINO 1999-01-29
Date of Event: 2000-06-19 to 21
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 1999-03-15

CALL FOR PAPERS (please circulate)

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An Interdisciplinary Conference 
19th-20th-21st June 2000
Florence, Italy

hosted by:
Georgetown University (Fiesole)
& Syracuse University (Florence)

This conference will provide a forum for specialists in art history,
economic history, cultural history and the history of visual communications
and consumer culture to pool research and to begin to answer questions that
have been raised in all of these disciplines. In order to have as
comprehensive a view as possible of the market for representational art,
special emphasis will be put on the variety of visual media and art objects
of both secular and religious function produced in this period, from
domestic objects such as "historiated" maiolica plates, devotional images
and illustrated books, to more public forms of visual
communication/expression such as altarpieces, civic sculpture, and the
multitude of mechanically reproduced images that circulated in the market
square. Equal importance will be given to the different social groups
involved in the production, distribution, consumption and viewing of
representational art, and to the role played by art objects of all kinds as
potent social mediators. 

A 350 word abstract should be sent to both of the conference organisers
by 15th March 1999. Papers to be 20 minutes long, and will be organised in
6 thematic sessions of 5 papers each. 

Scientific committee :

Cristina Acidini Luchinat (Soprintendenza per i Beni Artistici e Storici)
Marcello Fantoni (Georgetown University, Fiesole)
Richard Goldthwaite (The Johns Hopkins University)
Louisa Matthew (Union College)
Sara Matthews-Grieco (Syracuse University, Florence)

For further information please contact: 

Dr. Louisa Matthew Dr. Sara F. Matthews-Grieco 
Department of Visual Arts Department of Humanities & Social Sciences
Union College Syracuse University
Schenectady Piazza Savonarola 15
N.Y. 12308, U.S.A. Firenze 50132, ITALY
tel: (518) 388.6371 tel: (39) 
fax: (518) 388.6567 fax: (055) 500.05.31
e-mail: e-mail:

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