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Viator: Medieval and Renaissance Studies (30.1999)

Source of Information: RENAIS-L 1999-02-10
Date of Event: no event, but a volume of a journal
Deadline for abstracts etc.: 1999-04-15

Viator: Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Viator, a scholarly journal published annually under the auspices of the
UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, is now accepting
submissions of articles of distinction in any field of the Middle Ages and
Renaissance, viewed broadly as the period between late antiquity and the
mid-seventeenth century. In keeping with its title, the  journal gives
special consideration to articles that cross frontiers: articles that
focus on meetings between cultures, that pursue an idea through the
centuries, that employ the methods of different disciplines

Double-spaced manuscripts should be from twenty to seventy pages in length
and  should conform to the Chicago Manual of Style, 14th edition.


15 APRIL 1999

Send submissions to

Mary Rouse, Managing Editor, Viator
UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
302 Royce Hall
Box 951485
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1485

For further information, contact Mary Rouse, 310-825-5622,

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