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List of CFPs in Renaissance Intellectual History

(now providing information about 271 CFPs)

Author: Heinrich C. Kuhn (
Creation of Document: 1998-09-30
Last Update: 2007-11-30

Nota bene: This document here serves and continues to exist (almost) only for historical documentation. It as ceased to be up to date and will not be updated in future. For all practical purposes the place of this service has by now (and since April 2007) been taken by the section dedicated to CFPs in the Web4Ren Forum (W4RF). Non-members of Web4Ren Forum (W4RF) are welcome to send information about new CFPs in renaissance intellectual history to — with the string "W4RF CFP" in the subject line — (and/or to become a member of W4RF …). Nine years and ten months after the start of our original CFPs service the lines you are reading right now are most probably the last addition or change here. It's time to move on; and as far as I can see: Web4Ren Forum (W4RF) is a good place to go — not only for CFPs.

Current CFPs are sorted in ascending order according to date of deadline (DL) [where known] and date of event (EV). CFPs that are no longer current are listed after the current ones and sorted according to date of event. If you know about something I should include and didn't include up to now: please contact us.

BTW: We do not list CFPs that are for events that recquire participants to pay (by way of membership or other) for the right to attend and/or to speak. Sorry.

And we are rather reluctant to list CFPs for events that are formally restricted to certain groups of persons. Sorry.

List of CFPs

Current CFPs

CFPs with a deadline in the (more or less distant) past