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Short History of our Institution

For somewhat minor, yet not unimportant events in the history of our intitution: you might have a look at the list of milestones reached and/or passed etc. since 1998.

This text has been compiled using the following material:

  1. Eckhard Keßler: L'attività di Ernesto Grassi all'università di Monaco di Baviera dalö 1948 al 1974, in: Emilio Hidalgo-Serna & Massimo Marassi (edd.): Studi in memoria di Ernesto Grassi, Napoli [La città del sole] 1996, pp. 225-240.
  2. Personen-und-Vorlesungsverzeichnisse (Indexes of persons and lectures) of Munich university.
  3. Acts of our institution (for internal use only).

Author: Dr. Heinrich C. Kuhn (
Document created: 1999-09-20
Last update:2006-12-07

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