On me (Heinrich C. Kuhn) as a user of G+/googleplus/google plus/google+

Author: Heinrich C. Kuhn (hck@lrz.uni-muenchen.de)
Date created: 2011-09-21
Last Update: 2015-09-15

I on G+ at https://plus.google.com/109713292962660564110/. This document here tries to explain some aspects of that activity and its results.

Disclaimer (sort of)

G+ is not exactly a new tool. Bit it is evolving, it is changing. And I'm still learning how to use it. And my ways of using it have changed and most probably will change. And suggestions on how to change them (again and again) are welcome; as are suggestions on how to improve this document here.

Why I like G+, and what I'd like to see there

Several reasons: · easy separation of channels, · good signal-to-noise ratio, · easy transfer of "my" data to even more private places, · great people and discussions there, · decent interface.

No, G+ as of now is anything but perfect: Things I hope to come to G+ rather soon: · #hashtags working even better than they do now, · more options for formatting, · circles that can contain other circles, · hiding accounts from the main "stream" for a limited time. And the presence of some of the people who as of now are active on facebook and/or twitter, but not on G+ would be welcome too — as well as the presence of some people up to now not using any type of social software.

On getting into my G+ circles

To get into (one or several of my) my G+ Circles you must be on G+ and either post (frequently enough) something I'm interested in, or be known to me from "real life" (or some other "relevant context").

To make it known to me that you are on G+ and either post (frequently enough) something I'm interested in, or be known to me from "real life" (or some other "relevant context") you must either "encircle" me on G+ or send me a post directed directly at me — or else I'll get to know about your presence on G+ by chance only (or, more probable: not at all).

In other words (as posted by me several times):

On my sharing items at G+, and on how to get into (and out of) those of my circles you might want (not) to be in

Most of my posts on G+ are "limited" to one or several of my "Circles" (=groups of people of whom I assume that they are interested in a certain range of topics) there - as I don't want to spam people probably mainly interested in Renaissance studies (sensu largissimo) with posts concerning general politics and law (with some focus on Germany or at least Europe) etc. I am strongly in favour of a separation of channels. —

But I am aware that this is not an approach applauded by everybody. And to each her/his own. I do not intend even to try to pontificate on how G+ should be used. So I created a Circle for people interested in AlmostEverything I post about. But after some years that circle did seem to have lost its usefulness. So I retired it 2015-02-23. If you want me to stop sharing with you items shared with one or several of my "thematic" circles: just let me know.

As of now I have the following "thematic" Circles on G+:

There are a number of other "Circles" to, but they are for different types of things and contexts.

On what most of my G+ posts are about

I use G+ for musings and pointers. A few of these musings and pointers are of rather personal nature, but most of them concern items, questions, phenomena, resources which are in some way or other of potential relevance to people interested in the renaissance and/or renaissance studies. I rarely post directly about items, questions, phenomena, and resources which I come across and which are of potential relevance concerning renaissance intellectual history and renaissance philosophy (a sub-field of renaissance studies), as such items, questions, phenomena, and resources are in the main focus of my interests, and dealt with not in my G+ tweets, but in Web4Ren Forum (W4RF). I suggest that you go (at least also) there if one of your interests is in renaissance intellectual history and/or renaissance philosophy.

Thus the scope of my activities on G+ is broader than that of Web4Ren Forum (W4RF): Being in my Renaissance intellectual history Cicrle on G+ might be of interest to you if you are interested in the renaissance and/or renaissance studies even if you are not interested in the philosophy and/or intellectual history of that period.

The same holds true if you should be interested in one or several of the following: · Philosophy · Academic ethics, academic politics, etc. · Library related stuff (sensu largissimo). · Digital Humanities stuff. · Politics and law (mostly focussed on Germany, or at least Europe) · Harry Potter · IT · Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (LMU) · Ephemeral and rather irrelevant items (like posts about which hat I wear on which day, what non-academic books I'm [re-]reading, etc.). - · If your interest is about books I read when I'm neither in my office nor in a library: please introduce yourself when you want me to include you in that circle (unless you can assume that I know you and your literary tastes)

Anything else?

If you think there's something else which should address in this document here, and/or if you think this document here could be improved in some other way: please let me know. Thanks in advance!

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