David Alan Lines:

Teachers of the Arts and medicine in the Italian Universities, ca. 1350-1630


The files that are available on this website offer a sampling, with non-dynamic views, of a database under construction, which has as goal the registration of all recorded teachers of Arts and Medicine in Italy during the period ca. 1350-ca. 1630. I have started with the universities of Bologna, Padua, Pavia, and Florence-Pisa and have, at the moment, registered some 15,000 different appointments, with each professor's yearly teaching counting as a single appointment. The plan is to release the database, via CD-ROM, in several installments, until the project is completed.

Three different files are especially relevant for the project. One offers short biographies and bio-bibliographical pointers for the teachers in question, many of whom (as might be expected) are poorly known. The names are given both in the Latin and (when known) in the vernacular versions. Teachers belonging to religious orders are identified as such, and their lace of origin is offered in a separate field whenever it is known to me. Dates and main places of activity follow. They are then filled out by a summary of the teacher's academic career. Only a small selection of my biograhical records is offered here (twenty out the over 300 for the period up to 1400). The teachers included in the biography file are indicated, in the appointments file, by a double asterisk (**). A single asterisk marks names that have a biographical file not included in this sample.

The appointments file registers the academic year for each specific appointment, the university in which the appointment was served (or intended), the standardized name of the teacher (no attempt has been made to preserve the numerous variant spellings), and the subject that was to be taught. In addition, one will find the promised and/or the actual payments for each year, the sources from which each appoinment has been drawn, and miscellaneous observations concening the appointment itself (e.g., joint appointments in which specific sums are paid for specific teaching are noted). Please note that the present file offers, again, only a sampling of my database records through 1375 (thus, ca. 300 records), and that it does not allow the sorting of fields as in a normal database file. The published database, for example, makes it easy to find immediately all teachers of medicine or natural philosophy for a specified period (or at a specified university), or to recerive a continuous listing of the appointments of a specific professor. The present file is sorted according to university and then academic year.

A file called "Sources" is also provided here. In this file, one may find a listing of the sources available (and used by me) for specific academic years. Both archival and published sources are listed. In the CD-ROM version, it is intended to offer scanned versions of published sources, such as Dallari, which are relevant to the project.

This sampling of files was kindly put on line by Dr. Heinrich C. Kuhn at the Seminar für Geistesgeschichte und Philosophie der Renaissance in Munich. To him go my heartfelt thanks for encouraging the project and making this release available. This release replaces an earlier one, from December 2001, which was more complete but considerably more confusing.

If you have comments or wish to receive further information about this project, please contact me at dlines@miami.edu.

Document created: 2002-08-22
Last update: 2002-08-29
Author: David Lines
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